Beyond the Depths: Unearthing Humanity’s Lost Epochs with Matt LaCroix

In a captivating dive into humanity’s obscured past, today’s podcast features Matt LaCroix, a researcher and author dedicated to unmasking the hidden history of humanity. With his book, “The Stage of Time,” LaCroix ventures deep into the mysteries that traditional archaeology and history books have either overlooked or kept shrouded in secrecy.

A Discovery That Redefines History

Imagine standing on the precipice of a discovery so profound it promises to rewrite not just history books but our very understanding of human civilization. Matt LaCroix is that intrepid explorer at the frontier, unearthing evidence that challenges the conventional timeline of human history. Today, he brings to light findings that could alter our grasp of humanity’s origins forever.

The Quest for Hidden Knowledge

Matt LaCroix’s journey isn’t just about proving the existence of ancient civilizations but about reconnecting with the knowledge they possessed. His explorations delve into the symbiotic relationship these ancients had with nature, the universe, and perhaps most intriguingly, their technological advancements that differ starkly from our current trajectory of materialism.

Unraveling Mysteries with New Revelations

In an epoch where new archaeological discoveries are rare, LaCroix stands at the helm of a revelation that dives deep into the waters of Lake Van in Eastern Turkey. What’s unearthed is not merely a civilization lost to time but a series of epochs that suggest a cyclical rather than linear progression of human sophistication.

Revisiting the Sumerian Legacy

LaCroix revisits the ancient Sumerians, known for their contributions to civilization, including writing and mathematics. However, it’s their connection to seemingly mythical tales of gods and demigods that LaCroix finds most compelling. Through meticulous research, he draws parallels between these ancient stories and other global myths, suggesting a shared heritage or perhaps a common source of inspiration from extraterrestrial visitors.

A Civilization Beyond Materialism

At the heart of LaCroix’s discussion is the notion of an advanced society not obsessed with material gains but rather in harmony with cosmic energies. Such a civilization, LaCroix argues, possessed knowledge that could unlock human potential and reconnect us with the universe’s secrets.

The Power Within and Our Divine Origins

As we transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, LaCroix sees a pivotal moment for humanity to rediscover its lost knowledge and embrace the divine nature within. This journey back to our roots is not a regression but an awakening to the profound interconnectedness of all life and the cosmos.

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